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INKed page 3

Pencil sketches of full sequence


A surgical illustration sequence detailing a limb lengthening surgery using a Modular Rail System that was performed on a pediatric patient diagnosed with achondroplasia. This surgery was observed with co-design partner Colleen Tang Poy at Toronto's SickKids Hospital and was performed by Dr. Simon Kelley. Under guidance of both Prof. Michael Corrin and Dr. Kelley, multiple iterations were created, reviewed, and changed until the steps were narrowed down to be clear, accurate, and concise as to convey the essential storytelling moments of the surgery. Final composition sketches were made in pencil, with final inking done using traditional pen and ink techniques. The sketches were then scanned, minorly adjusted in Adobe Photoshop, and placed into a layout with text and labels in Adobe Illustrator.


Surgical Students


Prof. Michael Corrin

Dr. Simon Kelley


April 2018


Graphite Pencil

Pen and Ink

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


8.5"x11"(print, textbook)