Carmen Burroughs

Photo courtesy of Amy Cao

HEllo! I'm carmen.

I am a biomedical illustrator, animator, and fine artist who left my small hometown in the mountains of East Tennessee to complete my Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto.

I am someone with a strong art and storytelling background. In 2015, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts at East Tennessee State University, specializing in printmaking and drawing techniques. For my undergraduate BFA exhibition I formed and illustrated personal narratives. During my undergraduate career and my time at BMC, I have built and maintained my background in science, research, and collaborative work.

My goal is to aid those in science and healthcare professions by forming visuals that explain their often complex topics accurately in engaging, clear, and beautiful ways to successfully reach their audience. I am interested in many kinds of work and opportunities, but I would especially love to work on projects involving student/patient education, zoology, forensics, and medical legal work.